Privacy policy

This privacy policy in short:

  • StormWindow uses Google Analytics to analyze visitor statistics etc.
  • StormWindow only saves spotter position data for maximum 48 hours, as per's Terms of Use
  • Data collected by StormWindow from other sources will never be sold or given to any third parties.
  • StormWindow uses privacy related data mainly from two open data sources (API:s): and Twitter
  • You can always request a removal of your data from StormWindow by emailing Please note, however, that your data is still public on
  • Your GPS data will be broadcasted to SpotterNetwork if you have selected to report your location in SpotterNetwork affiliated software applications such as RadarScope and GRLevelX. This data broadcast, and privacy concerns regarding it, is under NO control of StormWindow. See the settings of your software applications to see if you are broadcasting/reporting your location.
  • Being able to report your location is important while submitting storm reports but DO consider turning off the report of your location when you are not actively chasing storms.

Data used from

  • GPS positions, timestamps, directions and elevation
  • Name
  • Reports
  • Spotter ID
  • Twitter account

Data used from Twitter

  • Twitter profile information and profile photo
  • Tweets
  • Tweet geolocation (if available)
  • Images/photos in tweets

Persistency of data

The entire idea of the application is to give an overview of the last 24 hours. Only data (such as positions and tweets) related to the last 24 hours is published. Positions of any storm spotters are kept for maximum 48 hours and are then deleted.

Removing your data

Choose when to publish your GPS data - and when not to

Your GPS positions are broadcasted from software applications such as RadarScope and GRLevelX (see for a full list of applications broadcasting GPS data to SpotterNetwork) on your phone or computer to SpotterNetwork, where it is stored and made public. StormWindow uses this (public) data to show positions of chasers. GPS data is only broadcasted if you have accepted to 'Report location' (or equivalent setting) in these software applications.

In order to only show GPS while actively chasing, choose to activate the 'Report location'-setting only when you head out to chase. Turn it off when this information is no longer needed to be broadcasted.

Remove your data from StormWindow

You can always request a removal of your data from StormWindow by emailing with the name (as given in SpotterNetwork) and your Spotter Network public ID. In order to attain your Spotter Network public ID log in to and you will see this information in the 'Spotter Information' table.

By choosing to completely remove your data, your SpotterNetwork account will also be ignored in further retrieval of data to StormWindow. Please NOTE, however, that this will NOT stop GPS data from being broadcasted from software applications to Your GPS data could still be public (only not used in the StormWindow application). In order to not broadcast your GPS data, you need to adjust the 'Report location'-settings of SpotterNetwork affiliated software applications.

Removing Twitter data

In order to not have your tweets being shown publicly you can choose to make your Twitter account 'Protected' (refer to Twitter documentation). If you want your tweets to not be published on StormWindow without making your Twitter account 'Protected', please contact @stormchasingusa in the Twitter messaging system and ask for a removal. If you do not want to broadcast the geolocation of your tweets, make sure you do not actively choose to provide this information while publishing a tweet (refer to Twitter documentation).

Further information

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please do contact for further information.